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Create your own stimulus Check!

The United States House of Representatives has passed Biden’s Covid Relief Bill. The $1400 stimulus checks promised to individuals making under $75,000 and married couples making $150,000 or less awaiting possible Senate approval. Although many in government hope to have this stimulus package approved before March 14, 2021, it’s a possibility it won’t be. On March 14, the unemployment benefits of an extra $300 a week will expire. What if you used this time to create your own stimulus check? We hear about all the sad stories and the many challenges of individuals and businesses during this pandemic. But what are those who are thriving doing differently? They pivoted to new ideas, acted on their other talents, or learned a new skill to implement immediately. Let the March 14 deadline be your own. Create your own stimulus check by considering the following:


Can you draw, dance, play an instrument, speak a language someone wants to learn, or maybe your good at numbers? Start researching how you can profit from your skills and implement fast.


There are many side hustles that you can start today? May I suggest this be a very temporary bridge to profiting from your talents? Use this method to not only pay the bills, but to invest in the skills you need to create a stimulus check of your desires. Instant side hustles are Uber, Lyft, Instacart, walking dogs, and dog sitting to name a few.


There are many platforms to learn a new skill that will allow you to up level your job or career. Whether you go to a junior college, vocational college, or websites like Udemy, learn a skill that will guarantee you more money in your bank account.

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